Computer Corner

Do you have virus dat you cant seem to get rid of?

October 26th, 2011

Sometimes you have a major computer virus infestation and you cannot seem to clean up your computer so that you can use it, without totally erasing and reinstalling windows/Linux or whichever operating system dat you choose.
Usually you have 2 options to try and fix the problem.
Option 1:
Take out the infected hard drive put it into another computer as a secondary hard drive and then scan and clean it in the other computer and then put it back in the first computer.
Option 2:
Get a bootable CD that has a virus scan software on it, boot from the CD and then scan and clean the computer of virus. (This link gives you a list of available bootable virus scan CD). I have used the Kaspersky Rescue CD, which seems to work very well. The Kaspersky Rescue CD even allows you to update the virus definition before doing the scan and clean.

After choosing option 1 or 2, you then start up the computer and then install a virus scanning software, I would install Malwarebyte first and then scan and clean the hard drive, after that I would install something like Free AVG or Avira on it, and then run that virus scan again and your computer should now be usable.
Note: The only ways to be sure there are no virus still on your computer is to totally format and rebuild computer from scratch.