Is my expectation of Politicians too high??

November 6th, 2011

I do have high expectation of politicians
I do expect politicians who cannot agree on the time a day to work together to increase their salary and benefits.
I do expect dem to use their office to make their and their “frens” and close family life richer and better in every way.
I do expect dem to do “favors” for the people, who fah money put dem in power.
I expect dem fi use the office and enjoy demself with all the perks tax payer money can buy while they can.
I do expect dem to tell us anancy story of all dem will do for we wen elected and then totally figet we wen dem actually get into office.

But Is it too much to ask for them to TRY to give me the confident to include the below tings as part of my expections too?
Do not forget about your constituent and try fi help the ppl dem in your constituent to become “educated” and self-reliant; so dem can survive pon dem own and can vote dem conscience if you dont do you job, without any fear of dem having to move from off dem ends?
Whether you have a constituent dat covers a few streets ina town or miles in country; is it too much to expect dat, after 5 or 40 years as MP, when you leave dat constituent it and its people are better and are in a better condition than before you got there?
Is it too much to ask dat you look out for the people dem dat actually vote you into prominence/power and you do projects dat will help and better the people and not just projects around election time; so dat the ppl dem “see” dat you a work and vote you back in?
Is it too much to ask dat if a another party MP start a good project, but then you beat him out ina the next election you dont just drop a project cause a him start it, but if the project is actually good you continue on with it? A clinic or a community center will always better the people dem, it no mek no difference a who start/complete it?

Mr Politician: Mi know dat mi not too bright, but I can bet you dat even though most people have similar top 5 expectations dat I do; those expectation would bother dem less, if unno did also TRY to include the other 4 expectation as part of unno portfolio. We would know certain tings ago happen, but at least we a get something substantial too.