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Man give har bun! and she lock him ina har trunk!!!!???
Notice people try fi talk to har fuss before dem call police!!!!
2011-10-26... Lt. Stitchie - Natty Dread
2012-05-22... Busy signal is an American fugitive ???????????!!!!!!!
2013-04-26... Ity and fancy cat: Jamaican full a big chat ?????????
2013-01-09... Laugh Jamaica - 'Accelerate!
2012-08-08... Bolt a go get tryout fi Manu, dis story no dead yet ??????
2013-02-10... Car scammer finally caught ?????! What old time people say about "a promise" ?????
2011-11-04... My Man (explicit language)
2012-02-07... 90's Jamaican play Maama Man 2 ?????
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