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Just in case you missed this : Dudus get 23 years in Jail !!!!!????????
Like most politricks, you allow and help a man get powerful and wen you tink him now too powerful you have to take him down by any means or have somebody else do dat fi U ???????????????
EXCERPT ::::::: He had his own small army of up to 200 soldiers, and a makeshift jail in which he dispensed summary justice. He even organised schooling and sustenance for poor local families, rendering him at one level enormously popular. In a hand-written letter submitted to the Manhattan court asking for leniency in his sentencing , Coke wrote: "I did a lot of charitable deeds and social services to help members of my community. I also host a lot of charity events such as an Easter treat for the elderly persons in my community." .....ENTIRE STORY
2012-11-27... Jamaica's School boy football and track and field transfer market ???????
2012-08-06... Why dem a loud up Bolt Money ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-01-05... 1 of Men accused of killing 2 US missionaries escape custody ???????
2012-03-16... Dudus sentencing postponed again?!!!! Dis time until after May 22nd?????????!!!!!
2012-12-26... 18 year old JDF Private killed ???? Suffocated ??? Why ???
2013-04-09... Police sergeant ambushed and shot dead ????????????
2017-07-10... Trini lady of the night a tief Jamaican Bizness !!!!??????
2013-06-17... Jamaica under cyber attack from who and why ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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