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Is Jamaica a country of inactivity , inefficiencies and ineffectiveness ?????????!!!!
.... And inaction ????? A well written opinion of how Jamaica setup ????? But it is an opinion nonetheless !!!!! Any truth ina dis opinion ???????!!
EXCERPT ::::::: Violent crime wrecks lives, and may deter tourism. Businesses struggle with security costs. In an opinion poll in 2010, respondents ranked corruption ahead of crime and violence as “the most negative thing about Jamaica”. Greg Christie, a lawyer and former businessman, last November ended a seven-year term as contractor-general, an independent official with power to look over all government contracts. In 2011 he said that of 40 cases referred in the previous three years to the director of public prosecutions, none had been pursued in court. Only one has since been successfully prosecuted......ENTIRE STORY
2012-01-31... JFF finally get 2 home matches!!!! JA v Cuba Feb 22th and 24th!!!!!!!
2012-03-29... People finally tek to street dis year to protest the police killing of so called gunmen in so called shootouts!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-02-06... Adams agree with Les Green assessment of Jamaica Police force !!!!!????
2012-09-03... USA and Chicago fire goalie parents and family are Jamaican !!!!!
2012-07-30... American tourist dat was reported missing .... Found hiding in Discovery Bay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-04-02... 2 Children perished in fire in Clarendon ?????!!!!
2013-02-26... Did a man,ex-soldier, really kill him mother-in-law and try fi kill him wife ???????????
2012-10-26... In 2004 he attempted to kill another Jamaican and now him kill a Jamaican and a NY Police ?????????
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